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Come Get Your Memory CD

Come Get Your Memory CD

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Chase Matthew debut cd, Come Get Your Memory.  Release date June 9,2023

Maxium 4 per person, per address please.

*Track Listing:

1.  Blink

2.  Come Get Your Money

3.  Do All Dogs Go To Heaven

4.  Do Me Like That

5.  Downtown

6.  Fall For Those I's

7.  Fine By Me

8.  Girl I Know

9.  Good Day For A Heartbreak

10.  Good Time To Go

11.  Hey Montana

12.  Love You Again

13.  Loving You Is Like

14.  Make A Memory

15.  Moonlight

16.  My Drinking Song

17.  Never Change

18.  Nothing To Do With Me

19.  Outlaw Gospel

20.  Rainy Days

21.  Saw Me Here

22.  Somebody Else's Truck

23.  The Way I Am

24.  This Aint' Working

25.  Where There's Smoke


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